About WoolyFest's supported charities

WoolyFest 2024 is a community-based music festival dedicated to bringing live music to the local community and raising awareness and funds for local charities. Join us for a full day of music, fun, and giving back!

Isabel Hospice

Isabel Hospice is a registered charity which provides free palliative care and support for patients and their families.

Isabel Hospice has been providing free palliative care to its patients and their families since 1982. They provide support and care to people in eastern Hertfordshire who are affected by life-limiting illnesses through their Hospice at Home, In-Patient Unit, Community Team, Living Well with Isabel programme and our Family and Bereavement support service.


Supporting Isabel Hospice Charity
Supporting Isabel Hospice Charity

The Willow Foundation

Every year thousands of 16-40 year olds in the UK are newly diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. When they should be enjoying the prime of life, they’re dealing with stress, isolation, medication and hospital appointments.

Willow believes that every moment should be precious. The Willow Foundation are dedicated to helping young adults take much needed time out from the reality of living with serious illness, creating magic moments that become lasting memories.


Motor Neurone Disease (MND) HERTFORDSHIRE

Motor Neurone Disease, known as MND

Messages from the motor neurones gradually stop reaching the muscles. This leads the muscles to weaken, stiffen and waste, which can affect how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe.

MND cannot be stopped or reversed, but therapies, equipment and medication can help manage symptoms. These can all help you achieve the best possible quality of life.

There is a 1 in 300 risk of getting MND across a lifetime. It can affect adults of any age, but is more likely to affect people over 50.

Rob Burrow CBE MND motor neurone diseaseRob Burrow CBE MND motor neurone disease

Other Causes we are supporting also are:

Knebworth Food Bank

Help For Cassie

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This year we are proud to be raising money and awareness for Local Charities

woman in white tank top smiling while standing next to person in white t shrit
woman in white tank top smiling while standing next to person in white t shrit

What People Said About Last Year

Woolyfest exceeded all my expectations! The music was incredible and the atmosphere was electric. Can't wait for next year!
I had an amazing time at Woolyfest 2023.
The lineup was fantastic and the organisers did a great job. Highly recommended!

Steph H

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people standing near stage

Stuart K